Thief of Shadows by Elizabeth Hoyt

This review contains spoilers. This book is part of the Maiden Lane series.

So I reread this book just to be sure I didn’t imagine how awesome it was in a fit of sleepiness. I didn’t. It really is awesome. Winter is such an amazing hero, and I was worried, throughout the first three books in the series that there was no way Elizabeth Hoyt was going to write a story or create a heroine that could live up to the depths of awesome I felt like Winter was capable of. I should have trusted her.

Isabel is all kinds of fun and she gets Winter from the first page of the book. In fact, I think she gets Winter from the last few chapters of Silence’s book, the previous entry in the series. She never lets Winter get away with anything, and it’s vice versa. Even though she’s six years older than him, impossibly richer and higher in station, and he is much more moral and dedicated to goodness, there is an amazing sense of equality between them that is incredibly fascinating.

The story itself is always cool. I love reading about St. Giles. I went to London last year and was kind of sad to learn that the neighborhood itself is gone, but not really. It was, from all accounts a cesspool. It’s still there in name, but obviously, London has improved on it. I am fascinated by London, and while it’s fun to read about the aristocracy, I’m even more intrigued by the world Elizabeth Hoyt has explored in her Maiden Lane series and the Georgian period.

Just an amazing book by an author who just continues to outdo herself.

Edited because I have problems with spelling when I get all excited. Yikes. I used incredibility instead of incredibly which are obviously two different things.

Genre: Georgian England
Series: Maiden Lane |

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