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Tracking Books

I try to be an organized person and for years, I’ve tried to figure out the best way to keep track of new releases.  I’ve tried it on a calendar, in a separate notebook, and more recently in a bullet journal.  I think I like the bullet journal approach best, and that’s mostly because I have a bit more control over it and I can play with layouts.

I’m also trying out the Amazon “Follow Author” feature for the first time. I like that I get an email because I was just contacted about a Karen Hawkins novella I had missed in my usual sweep. But because I don’t buy my books through Amazon, I keep getting emailed about releases I already own through Barnes & Noble.

Here is my current bullet journal layout for my books, going through June 2017.


I’m still not satisfied with it, mostly because I didn’t leave space to notate what the price is (maybe doing price comparing through various places) and whether or not I’ve preordered. For example, the Courtney Milan release was a short story that I preordered through Barnes & Noble, forgetting that I could get it free by subscribing to her newsletter. I mean, I’m happy to pay for it, but I should leave space for notes like that.

So I’m refining it, but this isn’t so bad for a quick glance at what’s being released every week so I can plan other things around it 😛 Tessa Dare is a week away, yay!

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